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They call meJiawei. I have lived for 14 years. My Favorite Thing IsGOt what I want!. What I want most is Money!. I Study At GMSS :DJiawei. Remember, Quote if you want.


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Monday, September 14, 2009
Yesterday went to Escape with my siter and brother.. My sister brought 2 friend go 1 is yao li and 1 is Jazzlyn we were very happy! we when to play flipper, pirate ship, haunted house and manymore so sad inverter close! D: ...we play until 8pm then go home i like the water boat de wee!

--Esctasy--x3 at 8:24 PM
Saturday, September 5, 2009
Today have Thanksgiving and i am so honour that Miss Haryati chosse me to go the thanksgiving night service...My stall is Italian stall we cook all type of pasta Haha we cook 4 round Damn tired nad the ******* keep boss people around Fk that thing! HEHE i shall end here sorry didnt post for the month!

--Esctasy--x3 at 10:49 PM
Monday, August 17, 2009
Today at science cherly gimme m&m :D then eat eat then later blahblahblah all about school right nothing to talk about then after school got badminton CCa so i mark My name zhao le go cms play "chua dai di" c'b got a teacher come confiscated _I_ the shanie gave me her poker :D thanks! the nua till 5.30 junsheng and me go le BUHBYE

--Esctasy--x3 at 10:42 PM
Saturday, August 15, 2009
I dun have anything to write
Erm...Am i writing something already
LOL K today stop here

--Esctasy--x3 at 5:37 PM
Wednesday, August 12, 2009
OO 3 days nv update le sorry guys D: hehe ..Bz playing computer games..anyway HI;D school start then blah blah blah after that at recess we were quite late for chapel :D then english Miss haryati call me to read the passge == then blahblahblah at chinesse we were suppose to spilt at 2 group but me tan bo lai so we decied to have 40 people at 1 class and the other class de sibei noisy ! ;D but i like it then after school we go CMS playing table scoocer then go home thenthenthen

--Esctasy--x3 at 8:42 PM
Saturday, August 8, 2009
SOOOOOOO SAADDDDDDDDDD!!! Today when with bro the carpark ;D we climb the thing then play fire all around got 2 people saw us so we faster come down haha;D ty bro make limpei so happy and chat with joline then she later ask me why so sad i say i feel only ;/

--Esctasy--x3 at 11:51 AM
Friday, August 7, 2009
Today our school celebrating Singapore bday. My school start at 7.15am i woke up on 7.10am =LATE! I was at bishan and my school is at geylang methodist . Mum drove fast! and when i reach school i was late Miss Juz said boy come here , then call me stand aside after that we need to go to hall . I then go back to my class with my classmates, Miss Haryati say "i tot u nv come" i say i was late. And After that kena scold cuz we were playing when they was talk about NDP thingy.. when school end at 11pm me and junsheng go to libary to slack awhile and block beside libary. we take the stick beat wenjun he angry then go home (ah gua) Lol thn thn thn i went home le And i Am sooooo happy that dog came to Visit my blog and spam thanks for that dog .. they 3 so funny..Jiahao helped me kenna joline scold then after that she said sorry..Joline helped me kenna juntat scold... after that say sorry LOL!Jiahao and Joline thanks for helpping same go to Juntat! ;D

--Esctasy--x3 at 12:07 PM